closed Luca Vitone

Curated by: Anne Palopoli, Andrea Bruciati

The show

During his rich artistic career Luca Vitone always has made of the complex relationship with the place the object of his research. It is now the turn of Villa Adriana, nucleus of the detailed project carried out in collaboration between MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts and the Villa Adriana and Villa Autonomous Institute d'Este.
The exhibition Io, Villa Adriana, curated by Anne Palopoli and Andrea Bruciati, unfolds among the fluid spaces of the museum designed by Zaha Hadid and the residence of Emperor Hadrian a Tivoli, in a continuous reference between the two places (from 17 June to 12 September 2021).
The works presented recall and intertwine cultural, geographical and cultural references space creating a connection, an unprecedented path that the visitor crosses not only physically but also by creating new imaginaries.
The fulcrum of Vitone's progressive encounters with Villa Adriana are the nine paintings exhibited at MAXXI that give the exhibition its title: placed by the artist in different places in the villa e left for months at the mercy of atmospheric agents, to which the task of is totally delegated producing the image, the large canvases record contact with them on their surface the surrounding environment and the passage of atmospheric and chronological time, becoming
self-portraits of Villa Adriana.
At MAXXI Vitone painted one of the walls of the Gian Ferrari room that houses the exhibition, using as atypical watercolors the powders collected in Villa Adriana diluted in water: la powder is used as an "anti pigment", its grain and its different shades of color tell the story of the environments from which it was taken. On the walls are also presented the Capricci, two prints of Villa Adriana conceived by Piranesi, on which the artist has included interventions.
On display in the center of the room is the extraordinary Crocodile-Fountain dating back to the 2nd century AD, which emerged from the water mirror of the Canopus of Villa Adriana, where it was found in the 1950s. Probably carved from a single block of cipollino marble, whose veins were masterfully exploited to render with realism the chromatic and material aspects of the animal's skin.


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Via Guido Reni, 4a
00196 Roma


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