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L’ settlement of Saepinum probably born in the fourth century BC as Vicus, a housing site located at the junction between two ancient routes of transhumance. In the era of Augustus (31 a.C.- A.D. 14) are made or restored the più important buildings (forum, basilica, macellum, spas). After the greek-Gothic War (535-553 A.D.) l’ urban area is radically transformed, with the’ abandonment of many inhabited areas and l’ use some of them as burial grounds. Since the eighteenth century were built the farm buildings still visible in continuityà Topographical with the Roman ones. One of these, built on the hemicycle of the theater foundations, currently home to the City Museumà and of the territory. The collection, exhibited in four salt, the finds coming from ’ archaeological area of ​​Saepinum , the necropolis and the territory, in sequence chronological from the Prehistory to Middle Ages. some cases, the materials are divided into thematic clusters. The first roomè dedicated to the lithic finds the Paleolithic, while the second and third recount the daily lifestyle, activitiesà production of Hellenistic period and Roman. The fourth room instead exposes the materials of Lombard tombs ( VII century) and a selection of XIII and XIV century ceramic.


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Strada provinciale, 82
86017 Sepino


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