The Archaeological Museum of Teanum Sidicidum is located in an old XIV century building, the museum sections are distributed in two picturesque aisles and archaeological materials describe the area's history from the Paleolithic to inzi the Middle Ages. In the finds are on display Museum from the excavations in the old center in the territory of Teanum Sidicium, inhabited by an Italic population speaking Oscan who developed his own original figurative art since the sixth century BC The exhibition tells the main occupation of the territory dynamics: the age of the villages (VIII-fourth century B.C. .: salt II-IV) and the age of the city (third century BC - VII century d.C .: salt V-VII). The main nuclei are formed by votive objects deposited in the sanctuaries, especially from the sacred kind in the area Loreto, since previous era the foundation of the city, on a rocky outcrop incorporated in the urban area, and the sanctuary of the village of locations Fund Ruozzo, attended by the archaic period to the Hannibal wars and again in the age of Sulla, who returned statuettes, pottery, miniature ceramic votive offerings depicting animals and produce. The density and richness of sidicina population is also evidenced by the grave goods of the necropolis is the villages, and towns (location Torricelle, Campofaio, Gradavola, Carrano, Orto Ceraso), with materials ranging from the late sixth century BC the middle of the Roman Empire. The Museum also houses a section dedicated to the urban excavations, among which the more comprehensive intervention is constituted by the recovery of the Roman theater, placed in a central area of ​​the city, preserves almost entirely the auditorium and the stage building with its magnificent architectural and sculptural decoration, relevant to a widening of the Severan period. Of particular interest is the mosaic with Epiphany scene which is the earliest attestation of this issue in Italy of mosaic. The Conference Room, which can hold up to 100 seated spectators, is also used for temporary exhibitions. Currently houses exhibits from the necropolis and the sanctuaries of Presenzano (Rufrae), center sannitico inhabited since the seventh century BC

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Piazza Umberto I, 29
81057 Teano


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