The Lapidary Museum Of Urbino

The Lapidary Museum of Urbino is the home of a rich epigraphic collection divided into two main sections: the first one  dedicated to the finds from Rome including urns in relief, inscribed and figured plates and brick stamps; the second one which in addition to the epigraphic material, also collects the statuary elements. Here can be found inscribed marble bases, sepulchral inscriptions, statues and bas-reliefs. Furthermore, the tombstones are placed on  22 mirrors along the walls and the other finds have been arranged inside the other five rooms in the museum.

In addition to the epigraphs that represents the central nucleus of the collection, it is worth noting the relief in purple porphyry describing the episode of Ulysses and the sirens and the slab of the Marmorarius Eutropus.

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Piazza Duca Federico, 1
61029 Urbino


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