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Museo Lapidario Estense
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Museo Lapidario Estense

Modena, Italy


Museo Lapidario Estense

Modena, Italy

Museo Lapidario Estense

The Museo Lapidario Estense was the first public museum in Modena, founded by ducal decree on 31 March 1828 by Francesco IV d’Austria-Este. The institution was inspired by the illustrious earlier examples such as the Museo Lapidario Maffeiano in Verona (1738) and the Galleria Lapidaria in the Museo Chiaramonti in the Vatican (1800-1823). The museum in Modena, however, was founded with the specific intention of glorifying the illustrious ancient past of the city and its foundations as the Roman colony of Mutina.
The nucleus of the collection is based upon several objects that were acquired by the Este family from other antiquarian collections or excavated in the ducal territoris of Brescello and Novellara, and preserved in the Palazzo Ducale in Modena. Immediately after the foundation of the collection, Modenese citizens began to donate their materials to the collection and helped to finance the museum, thus helping to establish a significant collection. Beyond its Roman objects, there are also a series of funerary monuments dating from the Middle Ages to the late seventeenth century, which had been a part of the cemetery to the south of the Cathedral or other churches in Modena and Reggio Emilia. Of note among the later tombs, are the medieval monuments made for Modenese citizens distinguished in law or medicine, following the Bolognese tradition.

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Museo Lapidario Estense

Largo Porta Sant'Agostino, 337
41121, Modena

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