House of Ludovico Ariosto is situated in Ferrara in a building that deviates from the traditional parameters of the houses of Ferrara. Innovative seem in fact to the provisions of the chimneys (upper floor) on the opposite side to the front road; as well as innovative is the space reserved for the large room, which is accessed via the staircase that connects the floors and the living spaces. On the facade, carved on a long strip of cooked to ornament the entry wall, the Poet maintains the existing entry, the couplet dictated by Denys Bartholomew Aquila for Cavalieri: "Parva, sed apta mihi, sed null obnoxia, sed non/sordid, starts meo, sed tamen aere domus "(the house is small but suitable for me, clean, free of expenses and purchased solely with my money). After a major renovation work this "little house" and its courtyards are returned to their former role as places of art and culture and finally open to the public.

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Via Ludovico Ariosto, 67
44121 Ferrara

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