The Museum was created to protect and enhance the birthplace of Giuseppe Giusti, built between 1791 and 1793 by the will of the paternal grandfather of the poet, politically influential person at the Lorraine government. The house, still remembered in local guides from the early twentieth century as a place of memory of the Righteous, was purchased by the state in the seventies and opened as a museum in October 1992, after demanding restoration work. The visit to the museum allows you to relive, through the decorations, ideal landscapes, allegorical scenes of the decoration of the interior path way of the home of a wealthy family of Pistoia, in the romantic atmosphere of the early nineteenth century. We contribute the decor of the rooms, partly belonging to the House, in part, given the dispersal of numerous furnishings and memorabilia of the poet, it consists of furniture of Palazzo Pitti deposits, consistent with the refined simplicity of its tone of the residence of a family the country gentry, as it was one of the Righteous. The environment of the library, in particular, reflects the original character, documented in a commemorative photo from the early twentieth century. There is retained by the way the most famous portrait of the Righteous, executed by Giuseppe Bezzuoli (1784-1855), a prominent painter of the Florentine art scene of the early nineteenth century. At the beginning of the tour, personal computers, workstations, set in elegant furnishings, are dedicated to multimedia program on the poet's life. The video narrative, with browsable images through the screen touch (touch screen) mode, consists of a split menu for thematic sections, designed both as a support to the visit of the museum both as a learning tool, useful to illustrate, discuss and raise news about the poet and his life, on his time and on construction events that have affected the birthplace. The original images and archival choices in the didactic kit, texts and poems recited, enrich the informational content of scientific value and allow maximum visitation satisfaction and understanding by the public. The narrative is commented by texts in Italian, English and German and enriched with audio clips in Italian.

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Viale Martini Vincenzo, 18
51015 Monsummano Terme


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