Area Archeologica Privernum

The Privernum Archaeological Park

The Archaeological Park is located at Mezzagosto, a location on the plain in the heart of the Amaseno valley 5 km from Priverno. Privernum was founded as a Roman colony in the late 2nd century BC. The Archaeological Park, set apart by a section of the city walls, corresponds to the city’s centre and preserves monuments, buildings and infrastructure that represent the life of ancient Privernum from the moment of its foundation until its eventual abandonment, which occurred between the 12th and 13th centuries A.D. 

As well, there are Roman houses, luxurious residences from the Republican period that are notable for their distinct architectural plans, centered on grandiose atriums and peristiles. These houses mirror the models and patterns of a Hellenistic style and were enriched with mosaics, which were prepared in a range of designs, showing intricate geometric forms. Building activity from the late imperial period is expressed by the imposing remains of a theatre with a grand public square portico attached to it.

The most recent excavations have brought to light the early medieval phase of the city. Another important discovery has been the general layout of an ecclesiastical building, almost certainly the cathedral. 


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Via Stradone Largo
04015 Priverno


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