Museo Archeologico di Priverno

The Archeological Museum Of Priverno

The Archaeological Museum, is now housed in the Valeriani-Guarini-Antonelli building, a historical and prestigious home which faces the town’s beautiful main square, directly in front of the Medieval frame which architecturally encompasses the Cathedral and Municipality building.

The Museum is dedicated to Privernum, a town which first belonged to the Volsci Italic tribe and then to the Romans. The Museum accompanies the visitor in discovering the most ancient phases of life in the territory, from prehistorical times to the time of Roman colonization, founded in the late 2nd century BC in the heart of the Amaseno plain. The high standard of public building construction is evident mostly in the lavish marble adornment found in the courthouse and theatre, with statues and portraits of the Imperial Family. Sophisticated multi-coloured mosaics dating back to the Hellenistic period are instead influential evidence of the wealth of the ancient aristocratic domus: among these stands out a long doorway which twists and turns for almost five metres and depicts a landscape set in Egypt, along the Nile river. 


Permanent Collection

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Piazza Giovanni XXIII
04015 Priverno


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