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Casa Rossini
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Casa Rossini

Pesaro, Italy


Casa Rossini

Pesaro, Italy

Casa Rossini

The birthplace of Gioachino Rossini, built between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, stands on the ancient "via del Duomo" via Rossini, and is now completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology. The composer was born here on 29 February 1792 and spent the first years with his family.
A pleasant free space welcomes the public with an exclusive store dedicated to the Swan and the museum itinerary documents its life and works.
Audio and video room and touch screen contents allow you to consult the important patrimony of autographs and scores in a captivating way and thematic exhibitions deepen various themes. The exhibited materials come largely from Paris: prints and engravings, lithographs and portraits that belonged to the collector Alphonse Hubert Martel; among these thirty Rossini portraits in print, from youth to old age, and the drawing by Gustave Dorè that portrays him on his deathbed. In addition to the official portraits, there is a series of caricatures and, in the room dedicated to music, there is a travel spinet belonging to the master, restored and functioning.
On the top floor there is the Rossini Gourmet space and in the basement the Rossini Cellar dedicated to the enhancement of Rossini, refined connoisseur of good food.

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Casa Rossini

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